• Digivance Next Technology

    Digivance is built on next generation technologies

    Digivance develops and manages all of its producs on an in house next generation development library known as Digivance Next.

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  • Subversion Hosting

    Managed Subversion Hosting

    Digivance Technologies offers managed subversion hosting with an easy to use control panel.

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  • Collaborative Repositories

    Advanced collaboration tools for developers

    Digivance Technologies is developing an advanced current version and project management system that will provide an easy to use system for application development teams

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  • Project Management

    Advanced Project Management Systems

    Digivance provides advanced project management systems designed specifically for application development teams.

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About Digivance

Digivance Technologies is a small startup company that focuses on advanced project management and content collaboration tools & services.

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Project Management

Digivance Technologies offers advanced project management and collaboration services designed specifically around the needs of digital developers!

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Subversion Hosting

Digivance Technologies offers managed subversion hosting for teams and projects of all sizes! Project collaboration & version control system.

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Secure & high-speed services

Digivance Cloud hosted services and solutions are highly secured and offer industry leading encryption, backup & logging.

Digivance services are all hosted from highly secure, monitored dedicated servers. No shared hosting environments or unnecessary access is permitted within the Digivance hosting cloud.

Advanced AES encryption for all sensitive data both in transit and at rest on top of transmission layer encryption ensure that no data can be intercepted and used by third parties.

Digivance offers regular backups and system logging for ISO compliance, quick disaster recovery and advanced intrusion detection.

What can you expect?

  • High Performance & Security

    Performance and Security are Digivance's highest priority. Our goal is to provide high performance, high availability services behind rock solid security systems.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Digivance provides industry leading support and issue resolution, ensuring that your services are always online, accessible and working correctly!

  • Advanced Business Analytics

    All Digivance Services have the option to enable advanced analytic tracking through multiple analytic and social media sources.